Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
264 1397d 05h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] typo in prototype Diff
263 1397d 05h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] make MSVC able to compile (with kernel32.lib from MSSDK) Diff
262 1397d 18h roytam /volumes/ [volumes-classic} make open watcom able to compile Diff
257 1403d 09h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] unify code flow in vpath_pairs_append() Diff
209 1896d 06h roytam /volumes/ [volumes]
- classic: comment typo fix
- classic-crtdll: a version linked to crtdll (no %I64d)
208 1901d 09h roytam /volumes/ [volumes]
- add Showing Total/Free for all local volumes (-t switch)
207 1902d 07h roytam /volumes/ [volumes]
- classic: ANSI-ify. It is no reason to keep using Unicode functions when it doesn't need(and unable) to display Unicode mount points. ;-)
206 1903d 15h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver5++:
- preventing 1.99 -> 1.00 rounding error by truncating 3dp to 2dp
- better -r/-n flag processing
- classic: add "-n" switch for showing network drives
- classic: revert floating number to string using swprintf
205 1904d 05h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver5+:
- improve FindDriveLetterFromVolumePath() speed by using case sensitive search
- fix showing "(null)" when volume is not assigned drive letter in Win2000

added volumes-classic for WinNT.
but not intend to merge 2 into 1 binary at the moment.
204 1904d 13h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver5:
- Support Windows 2000
- add "-rf" switch for real floppy
- fix showing garbage when using -u0 switch
- able to append undetected drives(network drives, etc.) to detected list with -a switch
203 1907d 06h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver4:
- not showing ".00" anymore in -u0 mode
- add "-r" switch for showing removable drives
- add logic for showing individual drives
- move show volume logic to function ShowVolume()
- source: tabs to spaces
201 1918d 13h roytam / [volumes] inital import (ver3, modified from MSDN example)