Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
308 1882d 12h roytam /uips/ [uips] uips2: expend limit to 4G-1 Diff
307 1882d 18h roytam /uips/ [uips] fix for offset = 0x454F46 Diff
306 1882d 18h roytam /uips/ [uips] added Patch maker and Patcher of modified(extended offset and incompatible to original IPS) IPS2 format.

Modification details:
- Changed Header to '_PATCH' (6 bytes) to avoid misdetection by other IPS patchers
- Changed Offset to 4 Bytes (same encoding as IPS, but keeping Most Significant Byte which original IPS format drops)
- Changed EOF mark to '_EOF' (4 bytes) to fit Offset size change
305 1882d 19h roytam /uips/ [uips] upsmaker: make portable Diff
304 1882d 19h roytam /uips/ [uips] space2tab, added main() Diff
303 1882d 19h roytam /uips/ [uips] initial import ips maker from ipsexe Diff
271 1982d 15h roytam /uips/ [uips] my hacks begins:
- change max patch size to 2G, allocate patch array size to patch size
- add output to another filename (by copying original file to new file first, then applying patch to new file)
- print filenames
270 1982d 15h roytam / [uips] initial import uips - universal IPS patcher Diff