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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
32 3980d 18h roytam /satoriya-utf8/satori/ - [satoriya-utf8][ssu] is_digit, zen2han, han2zen UTF-8 correction Diff
31 3981d 16h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya-utf8] _ismbblead() -> _mbbc() Diff
30 3988d 19h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya] merged from official r148 (without obu). Diff
22 4060d 18h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ trying to remove dependencies of mbctype.h. Diff
21 4060d 18h roytam /satoriya-utf8/satori/ - adding svn:mime-type=text/plain; charset=UTF-8, svn:eol-style=native to makefile.mingw Diff
20 4060d 18h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - recommit r18. sorry for wasting revisions. Diff
19 4060d 19h roytam / - revert to r17 for adding back svn:mime-type=text/plain; charset=UTF-8, svn:eol-style=native on files Diff
18 4060d 20h roytam / + mingw makefile added (builds satori.dll and ssu.dll only)
+ patches for compiling in mingw
+ patches for correcting char length (Shift-JIS: 2 bytes to UTF-8: 2~3 bytes)
+ make vcproj/sln files working in VC7.1
+ added svn:ignore prop in all folders
17 4060d 20h roytam / uakagaka shori: satoriya UTF-8 edition (initial import) Diff