Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
161 3334d 07h roytam /pbbs/ - [p-bbs] replace hostblock() content with part of pixmicat! BanIPHostDNSBLCheck(). Diff
59 3618d 03h roytam /pbbs/ [p-bbs]
- mod_gzip: fix query string
- txtrender: add $trans
- p-bbs: 2009/09/23 Add non-transparent txt2png link, dnsbl
2009/10/27 Add exclusive fopen file locking, remove list.dsbl.org from externalIPQuery list, simple double post dectector
39 4017d 02h roytam / - [CPLib] u2utf8: formating, tblless2utf8: fix utf82u($RefCode=1) Diff
9 4205d 09h roytam / + [pbbs] P-BBS arranged (AA edition), with Mona font, RTiconv lite, RT gzip/gunzip library Diff