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329 1735d 08h roytam /otf2bdf/ [otf2bdf] my changes begins:
- added mk.bat as a compilation shortcut
- remap: extends to 32bit size
- otf2bdf:
* add `-A' switch for no-autohint
* add `-a' switch for force autohint
* add `-B' switch for no embedded bitmap
* add `-g x' switch for selecting hinting algorithm (0-4)
* Commented out Determine the actual bounding box of the glyph bitmap part, instead, use FT_Glyph_Get_CBox()
* Extends dump area to whole valid Unicode codepoints (U+10FFFF)
328 1735d 09h roytam / [otf2bdf] initial import otf2bdf-3.1 Diff