Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
144 3422d 09h roytam /libchardet/ - [libchardet]
- vcproj: fix debug build
- add VC1 project
132 3440d 19h roytam /libchardet/ - [libchardet] update chardet to mozilla-1.9.2 rev 322dbb0c580a with compilation fix/reverts.
- removed UCS2BE_cls, UCS2LE_cls
- involved Thai detection in universal dectector
- from mozilla bonsai:
* Fix some issues found with valgrind. Bug 479759, r=Masatoshi Kimura <VYV03354@nifty.ne.jp>, a1.9.0.10=dveditz
* Use universal charset detector with filters instead of the old language-specific parallel state machines. Bug 426271, r+sr=dbaron, b=vladimir
* Remove unnecessary and obsolete code. Bug 424916, r+sr=dbaron, a=damons
* Bug 376636 - Building with gcc 4.3 and -pendatic fails due to extra semicolons, patch by Art Haas <ahaas@airmail.net>, rs=me
* Bug 177505: Misidentified iso-8859-1 text as GB18030 r=smontagu sr=roc
128 3441d 16h roytam /libchardet/ - [libchardet] fix for compiling in VC2 and VC4. add VC2 and VC4 project files (build DLL only, test driver not build) Diff
127 3441d 17h roytam / [libchardet] import libchardet-0.0.4 from http://code.google.com/p/libibase/ and add VC 7.1 projects. Diff