Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
164 3259d 23h roytam /komica-up/ - [komica-up]
- add faster readfile
- add X-sendfile support
86 3492d 06h roytam /komica-up/ [komica-up] 20100327
- add same person upload same file prevention.
[komica-up] 20100219
- add more powerful host/ip check from pixmicat! project.
- add deny upload host list.
62 3640d 05h roytam /komica-up/ [komica-up] k-up SQL 20091030
- remove:
fopen-x file locking as now rewrited with SQLite2
- add:
download count limit optional field
download time limit optional field
hide original filename optional field
implement limit functions
- settings:
change $logfile to $sqlite_file
add banner($banner), file DL count flag ($f_dlcnt), DL limit flag ($f_dlim)
remove $count_file and $last_file
61 3642d 01h roytam /komica-up/ [komica-up]
- remove:
direct link to uploaded file
user field
- add:
download password optional field
download page with password optional field
fopen-x file locking for $logfile
- settings: add time zone($tz) and file number count ($countnumbers)
60 3642d 02h roytam / [komica-up] initial. forked from cndos-up. Diff