Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
223 2264d 18h roytam /imgbbs/ [imgbbs] upstream update:15:52 2003/06/02 --> 20:54 2003/07/29 Diff
222 2265d 07h roytam /imgbbs/ [imgbbs] hacking begins:
- able to post image without entering comment field
221 2265d 08h roytam /imgbbs/ [imgbbs] fix undefined hash error if CGI::param('upfile') does not return valid file handle. Diff
220 2265d 08h roytam /imgbbs/ [imgbbs] hacking begins:
- able to delete response in admin logview mode
- change image html style
219 2265d 09h roytam /imgbbs/ [imgbbs] hacking begins:
- able to post image in response mode
- change code to show images in responses block
- change ID/host style and position
- change default option of disp_id to 1
218 2269d 10h roytam /imgbbs/ [imgbbs] newer CGI.pm kills temp upload files when it destroys, so keep it in %in. Diff
217 2269d 17h roytam / [imgbbs] imgbbs(仮) 2003/06/02 initial import. Diff