Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
224 2253d 14h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ [freestyle]
- add HTMLize+delete
- refactor HTMLize/Stop/DelThread
- add buttons in list view
- fix ID not changing pre day
- add log for filtered posts
- new tool for creating index.html
- add paging
- add nglog_append() function
202 2547d 12h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ [freestyle]
- add missing page.php
- overhaul admin.php:
* fixing "not deleting log files" issue
* add viewing .cgi log button
- add sub_addmissing.php for getting a chance to delete log files by the bug above (run this in browser, goto admin.php?mode=all to show them)
- bbs.php:
* change killip.cgi format to one-liner separated with ","
* add "!id" email command
* fix subject.txt/subback.txt truncating title if bracket exists in title
165 3231d 13h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ [freestyle] PHP 5.3 compatibility Diff
160 3381d 12h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle]
- add reCAPTCHA for creating new thread
49 3779d 02h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] search $ext files only, replace ereg with preg_match, replace quotes Diff
38 4043d 19h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] $host != $HOST Diff
37 4044d 16h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] post mobule sync, added CIDR host banning and RegExp hostname banning Diff
16 4206d 23h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] Fix auto $dir_path generation Diff
12 4217d 16h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] Add regular expression filter and DNSbl filter Diff
5 4229d 17h roytam / + [freestyle riaf PTE] freestyle + riaf web + UTF-8 + PTE Diff