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331 1452d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/ [bdf2ttf] update README Diff
330 1452d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] bump version to 2.1 Diff
327 1453d 14h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] add -f switch for generating Unicode Full range font (generating CMAP format 12) Diff
326 1461d 14h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] parse vendor font encoding properly (for example: DEC.CNS11643.1986 will use DEC.CNS11643.TXT now) Diff
324 1494d 15h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] change USE_GLYPH_OFFSET from #define to user changeable switch Diff
322 1543d 13h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] enable USE_GLYPH_OFFSET Diff
320 1545d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] bdf: change tab+spaces indenting to tab-only indenting Diff
319 1545d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf]
- process CHARSET_REGISTRY in BDF font
- use DWIDTH instead of blindly guessing fall-width/half-width
- fix writing incorrect descanter value
318 1545d 13h roytam /bdf2ttf/ucstable.d/ [bdf2ttf] add GB2312-80, Big5, KSX1001 to unicode table files Diff
317 1545d 13h roytam / [bdf2ttf] bdf2ttf-2.0 initial import Diff