Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
342 1267d 23h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/VisualBoyHandler/ [PokemonMemHack]
- bugfix vba: handle 32MB ROM
341 1269d 16h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonMemHack]
- check pSkill->bType not exceeding g_dwBackClrCount/g_dwForeClrCount
- vba: handle 32MB ROM
292 1909d 22h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode]
- MemPmBasicPage: check pdwExpList is valid
- MemPmPage: load learn list and skill list on load
- MemPmSkillPage: NEW FUNCTION: double click label above skill list to switch internal legal skill list and ROM level-up/TMHM/derive skill list
- PokemonRom: more findmem hacks, fix Evo 0D/0E description
- EvoDlg: hide unknown evo values
- PokemonRomViewer: minor debug prints
- _FILE_STRUCTURE_: remove suo and aps file, add VC10 projects
282 1919d 02h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/VisualBoyHandler/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] VBA-M support Diff
281 1919d 11h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] my hack begins Diff
280 1919d 11h roytam / [PokemonHackSourceCode] initial import Diff