Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
346 1127d 18h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRomViewer/ [PokemonRomViewer]
- fix: respect ExtraBreeds in Enc dialog Finding function
345 1129d 00h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRomViewer/ [PokemonRomViewer]
- add: PokemonRomViewer ExtraBreeds registry entry for keeping post-411 breeds
344 1129d 00h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRom/ [PokemonMemHack]
- bugfix PokemonRom: fix signed/unsigned comparison, replace LVLUP_LEARN_ADDR_LIST_ADDRESS[] entry only of pattern is found
343 1129d 07h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonMemHack]
- add: PokemonMemHack.ini ExtraBreeds entry for keeping post-411 breeds
342 1173d 05h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/VisualBoyHandler/ [PokemonMemHack]
- bugfix vba: handle 32MB ROM
341 1174d 23h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonMemHack]
- check pSkill->bType not exceeding g_dwBackClrCount/g_dwForeClrCount
- vba: handle 32MB ROM
334 1344d 22h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonMemHack] add 411 breeds option Diff
310 1780d 00h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode]
MemHack: fix crash when selecting Bad EGG
RomViewer: change EncList number format
302 1792d 09h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode]
- New address of FR/LG English for ReadEvoList
- Read palette from pointer-pointer in 0x140
BreedMachineLearnPage: fix skill over range
PokemonRomViewer: less debug prints
301 1794d 05h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] Memhack: fix inverted color marks, add descriptions in dialog resource about marks Diff
300 1794d 05h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] Memhack: More font changes Diff
297 1806d 04h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRom/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] Fix loading Emerald Evo list Diff
296 1811d 07h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] Add "85" autofill button in BB frame Diff
295 1814d 06h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRom/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] fix loading another ROM messes icon color in RV (wrong variable is put in the out value) Diff
294 1815d 03h roytam / [PokemonHackSourceCode] fix loading level-up skill list from memhack(wrong variable is put in the out value) Diff
293 1815d 03h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] reorder ROM legel skill list, add duplicate dialog control ID to PP and PP-max labels (it will raise warning in compiling, but adding functionality to 2-4th PP/PP-max labels) Diff
292 1815d 05h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode]
- MemPmBasicPage: check pdwExpList is valid
- MemPmPage: load learn list and skill list on load
- MemPmSkillPage: NEW FUNCTION: double click label above skill list to switch internal legal skill list and ROM level-up/TMHM/derive skill list
- PokemonRom: more findmem hacks, fix Evo 0D/0E description
- EvoDlg: hide unknown evo values
- PokemonRomViewer: minor debug prints
- _FILE_STRUCTURE_: remove suo and aps file, add VC10 projects
291 1821d 17h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] Extended Types to 0x18 (to be compatible with MoeMon LC new Fairy type 0x17) Diff
290 1821d 19h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] MemPmSkillPage: add some more skill descriptions from ROM including Type/Power/Accuracy/PP/Priority/EffectRatio Diff
289 1821d 19h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] SkillComboBox: Fix out-of-bound access when setting bg/fg color
Tab pages: Set fonts on those unaffected by DS_SETFONT
288 1822d 19h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRom/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] PokemonRom: fix opening Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire since 0x1CC is not skill list pointer of them. Diff
287 1822d 20h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRom/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] EXPERIMENTAL: add viewing out of predefined range encounter lists
writing back modifications may cause unexpected results!
286 1823d 03h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonRom/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] PokemonRom:
- read Skill properties list from ROM address pointer (0x1CC) instead of hard-coded address
- silent debug print by #if 0 ... #endif blocks
285 1823d 23h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] extended Spec to 0x8F
PokemonRom: Fix off-by-one
284 1823d 23h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] EXPERIMENTAL: add viewing out of predefined range level up skill list
writing back modifications may cause unexpected results!
283 1824d 08h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] change main window listview look Diff
282 1824d 09h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/VisualBoyHandler/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] VBA-M support Diff
281 1824d 18h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/ [PokemonHackSourceCode] my hack begins Diff
280 1824d 18h roytam / [PokemonHackSourceCode] initial import Diff