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122 3443d 15h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
fix not grayed out menus on NT 3.x.

Plaanning to merge GreenPad* into one.
121 3444d 13h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
add UTF-7/8 support to NT 3.x (untested on NT4 without newer IE)
113 3445d 19h roytam /GreenPad-nt350/ - [GreenPad-nt350] more fixes on GreenPad NT 3.50 Edition:
- on_vscroll, on_hscroll: use HIWORD(wp) too.
- ip_scroll: use SetScrollRange and SetScrollPos on NT 3.50 (to be accuated, on NT 3.x. This affects NT 3.51 to use old style scroll bar too)
- CheckMenuRadioItem is not working in NT 3.50, use CheckMenuItem instead.
112 3447d 07h roytam / - [GreenPad-nt350] GreenPad NT 3.50 Edition forked from GreenPad r111
changes from GreenPad r111:
* RegisterClassEx always fail in NT 3.50 with GetLastError()=120, use RegisterClass instead
* kilib: no SHGetPathFromIDList in NT 3.50, #if 0'ed
* textfile: rMBCS::ReadLine: CharNextExA kills app, disables next() use