Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
122 3446d 01h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
fix not grayed out menus on NT 3.x.

Plaanning to merge GreenPad* into one.
121 3446d 23h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
add UTF-7/8 support to NT 3.x (untested on NT4 without newer IE)
120 3447d 02h roytam /GreenPad-nt31/ - [GreenPad-nt31] fix Win32s Debug Target in real win32s environment
TextOutA: rephase
more GetCharWidthA win32s fixes
119 3447d 16h roytam /GreenPad-nt31/ - [GreenPad-nt31] add Win32s Debug Target. (won't run in real win32s environment)
TextOutA: protect conversion in else block
118 3447d 16h roytam /GreenPad-nt31/ - [GreenPad-nt31] add Win32s Target.
ip_draw: change GetCharWidthW and TextOutW to Win32s aware.
117 3447d 19h roytam /GreenPad-nt31/rsrc/ - [GreenPad-nt31] NT 3.1 doesn't like DIALOGEX resources, use DIALOG instead. Diff
116 3447d 19h roytam /GreenPad-nt31/ - [GreenPad-nt31]
- completely turn off showStatusBar further
- fix unicode release build
115 3447d 20h roytam / - [GreenPad-nt31] GreenPad NT 3.1 Edition forked from GreenPad NT 3.50 Edition r114
As there is too many sacrificial API changes.
changes from GreenPad NT 3.50 Edition r114:
- API changes (legend: x - commented out, * - use alternative API)
x FindWindowEx
* GetVersionEx
x CreateStatusWindow
x GetShortPathName
* GetScrollInfo
x Imm*
x CoInitialize
x OleInitialize
x CoUninitialize
x OleUninitialize
x CoCreateInstance
* SetScrollInfo
* CheckMenuRadioItem
x CharNextExA
* InsertMenuItem
x SetMenuItemInfo
- Japanese resources removed as NT 3.1 doesn't like multiple language resources.
- disabled StatusBar menu item function (should completely turn off showStatusBar further)
- known issue: config dialog doesn't create properly and freeze app.