Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
325 1743d 10h roytam /GreenPad/ [GreenPad]
- Disable MLang UTF-7 detection
- Add .lay "fq=<int>" entry for controlling font anti aliasing (3=no anti aliasing, 4=force anti aliasing)
124 3383d 16h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] merge GreenPad-nt31. Diff
123 3383d 18h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] merge GreenPad-nt350. Diff
106 3388d 12h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] fix ANSI build. Diff
105 3388d 14h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- Add libunicows-vc.lib to repository.
- U version: link to libunicows-1.1.2 so that U version can run on Win9X if unicows is installed.
97 3392d 13h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] gcc fix Diff
96 3393d 10h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- import kinaba's bbs #9709,#9714 patch: corrupt file AV fix, VC6 fix
- debug version compliation fix
90 3399d 12h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] import GreenPad working copy fixes:
- proper NT 3.51 fix
- more Windows/DOS codepage added
- UTF-1 support
89 3399d 12h roytam / - [GreenPad] import GreenPad with NT 3.51 fix. Diff