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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
122 3443d 02h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
fix not grayed out menus on NT 3.x.

Plaanning to merge GreenPad* into one.
114 3445d 05h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad-nt350] partial backport from GreenPad NT 3.50 Edition:
- on_vscroll, on_hscroll: use HIWORD(wp) too.
- CheckMenuRadioItem is not working in NT 3.5x, use CheckMenuItem instead.
104 3449d 03h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- UpdateWindowName: show unknown charset detected by mlang
- MLang: code polishing (still miss one line)
95 3452d 19h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] import kinaba's bbs #9812 patch: multimon fix Diff
94 3452d 19h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] import kinaba's bbs #9776 patch: gcc support, DateFormat Diff
90 3458d 20h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] import GreenPad working copy fixes:
- proper NT 3.51 fix
- more Windows/DOS codepage added
- UTF-1 support
89 3458d 20h roytam / - [GreenPad] import GreenPad with NT 3.51 fix. Diff