Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
325 1805d 07h roytam /GreenPad/ [GreenPad]
- Disable MLang UTF-7 detection
- Add .lay "fq=<int>" entry for controlling font anti aliasing (3=no anti aliasing, 4=force anti aliasing)
314 1870d 16h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ [GreenPad] kilib: Do auto-detection on 4-bytes files as well Diff
239 2104d 08h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ [GreenPad]
- update non-Unicode range to Unicode 6.3
226 2199d 16h roytam /GreenPad/ [GreenPad]
- added original FSS-UTF (dated 2 Sep 1992)
180 3096d 04h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- fix chardet UTF-8 detection to UTF8N. Only UTF-8 without BOM data will be passed to MLang/chardet.
178 3105d 07h roytam /GreenPad/editwing/ - [GreenPad]
- fix 32bit scrolling on NT 3.51+ version
175 3115d 16h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- fix rBOCU1 out-of-bound issue when opening invalid BOCU-1 stream
170 3156d 06h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- fix ANSI compilation
- add GB18030 support (based on issue 1 in RTOSS)
- fix GCC makefile ("make -f gcc.mak NOCHARSET=1" for gcc without charset conversion support)
159 3384d 16h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- check if IME can do reconversion.
158 3385d 04h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- Menu: Add "Reconversion" and "IME On/Off" menu
- IMEManager: Add code for check IME, Toggle IME, and Reconversion
- editwing::Cursor: Add code for ToggleIME, and Reconv
- GreenPadWnd: add code for proxying ToggleIME/Reconv command to editwing::Cursor
157 3385d 17h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- Print: break super long lines that cross pages
156 3387d 11h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- Add preliminary support of print function.
known issues: Copies are not working in XP, no Page Setup(header/footer/margin/etc.) support (yet?)
untested on Windows other than XP.
155 3388d 06h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- Add "Discard and Exit" menu
154 3393d 12h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- make "Save and Exit" function more EmEditor alike.
153 3393d 14h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- Add "Save and Exit" menu
148 3418d 18h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- Remove CharNextExA dependency on NT 3.5
147 3421d 14h roytam /GreenPad/rsrc/ - [GreenPad]
- rescoure: fine tune control positions, fix NT 3.5 config dialog, change full-width katakana to half-width katakana to save space for NT 3.x which doesn't have MS PGothic.
146 3422d 12h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- ConfigManager: fix UNKN encoding when NewfileCharset don't exist in OS.
- textfile: check if cs is UTF-7/8 before check if system have that codepage
145 3424d 19h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- stdafx: add fixed(hack?) for compiling in VC6
- textfile: check valid code page instead of checking OS version for UTF-7/8
142 3437d 11h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- IMEManager::~IMEManager: immApp_->Deactivate() before release(), fix crashing when quit in NT4 with Global IME.
141 3438d 17h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- rSCSU: fix C4715: not all control paths return a value, prevent overflow in GetChar
- FILEOPEN.DLG: remove unneed resources
- gp_rsrc.rc: adjust position, fix not showing whole label, change "&Charactor Encode:" to "&Character Encoding:", "&Line-end:" to "&Line ending:"
140 3440d 05h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- rUTF9: fix loading non-BMP codeprint
139 3440d 08h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- wBOCU1: move array to right place
138 3440d 09h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- add prelimiary read/write support of BOCU-1 (Binary Ordered Compression for Unicode-1, UTN #6)
137 3440d 10h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- rSCSU: fix reading in unicode mode
136 3440d 11h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- rSCSU: add prefix to rSCSU arrays
- prelimiary writing support of SCSU (Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode, UTR #6/UTS #6)
135 3440d 12h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- UTF1/UTF9: don't save surrogates, convert them to 32bit code prints instead.
- UTF1/UTF9: proper processing non-BMP code prints to surrogates when reading.
- prelimiary reading support of SCSU (Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode, UTR #6/UTS #6)
134 3442d 16h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad]
- rBasicUTF: change FOF to BOF
- move BOM-less UTF-16/32 (BE/LE) files detection to CheckUTFConfidence function
133 3443d 07h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- add legacy Chinese Traditional charset support (c_20001.nls - c_20005.nls are in install disc, need manual installing them)
- add preliminary support of detect BOM-less UTF-16/32 (BE/LE) files. (ideas taken from Footy2)
- chardetAutoDetection: add EUC-TW/CNS detection
131 3443d 17h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad]
- add UTF-1/UTF-9 BOM support
- textfile: keep U+FEFF in Unicode content, remove BOM only.
130 3443d 19h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad] move MLang and chardet detection to new function, move EUC/UTF-8 detection to last. Diff
129 3444d 10h roytam /GreenPad/kilib/ - [GreenPad] add support for libchardet(dynamic loading chardet.dll, not staticly linked) Diff
126 3444d 17h roytam /GreenPad/editwing/ - [GreenPad] trying to tweak Win32s version a bit. Diff
125 3445d 04h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] fix forcing use old version of menu API (introduced in previous revision) Diff
124 3445d 13h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] merge GreenPad-nt31. Diff
123 3445d 15h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad] merge GreenPad-nt350. Diff
122 3445d 15h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
fix not grayed out menus on NT 3.x.

Plaanning to merge GreenPad* into one.
121 3446d 13h roytam / - [GreenPad*]
add UTF-7/8 support to NT 3.x (untested on NT4 without newer IE)
114 3447d 18h roytam /GreenPad/ - [GreenPad-nt350] partial backport from GreenPad NT 3.50 Edition:
- on_vscroll, on_hscroll: use HIWORD(wp) too.
- CheckMenuRadioItem is not working in NT 3.5x, use CheckMenuItem instead.
111 3449d 07h roytam /GreenPad/rsrc/ - [GreenPad] Use "System" font for Open/Save dialog. Diff