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48 3675d 12h roytam /Snippets/ + [Snippets] Google Page Creator index replacement with sitemap compatible function for migration use Diff
47 3675d 13h roytam /Snippets/ + [Snippets] Enhanced is_ani() function Diff
46 3742d 00h roytam /satoriya-utf8/satori/ - [satoriya] merged from official r172. Diff
45 3776d 20h roytam /tropy-php/ - [tropy-php] add "=date", fix "=pre" / "=/pre" work order problem Diff
44 3824d 15h roytam /tropy-php/ - [tropy-php] add "=nbsp", "=pre" / "=/pre", and optimize strings Diff
43 3832d 22h roytam /satoriya-utf8/satori/ - [satoriya] merged from official r165 (without obu). Diff
42 3864d 03h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya] merged from official r163 (without obu). Diff
41 3872d 03h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya] merged from official r158 (without obu). Diff
40 3910d 21h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya] merged from official r157 (without obu). Diff
39 3921d 14h roytam / - [CPLib] u2utf8: formating, tblless2utf8: fix utf82u($RefCode=1) Diff
38 3923d 23h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] $host != $HOST Diff
37 3924d 20h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ - [freestyle riaf PTE] post mobule sync, added CIDR host banning and RegExp hostname banning Diff
36 3927d 15h roytam /Web Favorities/ - [Web Favorities]
* Made IE < 5.5 working in OldNetscape mode
* OldNetscape mode will not show navigation bar
35 3927d 16h roytam /Web Favorities/ - [Web Favorities] Web Favorities 0.05c Diff
34 3934d 18h roytam /Joyful Note RTHack/ - [Joyful Note RTHack] Fix attachment condition, add $clip switch Diff
33 3942d 02h roytam /Web Favorities/ - [Web Favorities] Web Favorities 0.05b Diff
32 3948d 00h roytam /satoriya-utf8/satori/ - [satoriya-utf8][ssu] is_digit, zen2han, han2zen UTF-8 correction Diff
31 3948d 23h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya-utf8] _ismbblead() -> _mbbc() Diff
30 3956d 02h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ - [satoriya] merged from official r148 (without obu). Diff
29 3974d 17h roytam /JOrbisPlayer/ - [JOrbisPlayer] self signed JOrbisPlayer.jar Diff