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207 2417d 07h roytam /volumes/ [volumes]
- classic: ANSI-ify. It is no reason to keep using Unicode functions when it doesn't need(and unable) to display Unicode mount points. ;-)
206 2418d 15h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver5++:
- preventing 1.99 -> 1.00 rounding error by truncating 3dp to 2dp
- better -r/-n flag processing
- classic: add "-n" switch for showing network drives
- classic: revert floating number to string using swprintf
205 2419d 05h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver5+:
- improve FindDriveLetterFromVolumePath() speed by using case sensitive search
- fix showing "(null)" when volume is not assigned drive letter in Win2000

added volumes-classic for WinNT.
but not intend to merge 2 into 1 binary at the moment.
204 2419d 12h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver5:
- Support Windows 2000
- add "-rf" switch for real floppy
- fix showing garbage when using -u0 switch
- able to append undetected drives(network drives, etc.) to detected list with -a switch
203 2422d 05h roytam /volumes/ [volumes] ver4:
- not showing ".00" anymore in -u0 mode
- add "-r" switch for showing removable drives
- add logic for showing individual drives
- move show volume logic to function ShowVolume()
- source: tabs to spaces
202 2424d 05h roytam /freestyle riaf PTE/ [freestyle]
- add missing page.php
- overhaul admin.php:
* fixing "not deleting log files" issue
* add viewing .cgi log button
- add sub_addmissing.php for getting a chance to delete log files by the bug above (run this in browser, goto admin.php?mode=all to show them)
- bbs.php:
* change killip.cgi format to one-liner separated with ","
* add "!id" email command
* fix subject.txt/subback.txt truncating title if bracket exists in title
201 2433d 13h roytam / [volumes] inital import (ver3, modified from MSDN example)
200 2442d 06h roytam /satoriya-utf8/ [satoriya-utf8]
- merged from official r212.
- add -fno-rtti to makefile.mingw
199 2454d 10h roytam /Ohlfs-font/ [Ohlfs] better matching original height Diff
198 2456d 06h roytam /Ohlfs-font/ [Ohlfs] rename 16pt to 14pt (typo) Diff
197 2456d 06h roytam / [Ohlfs] Ohlfs bitmap font initial import (finished) Diff
196 2609d 18h roytam@gmail.com /vmw/src/ [vmw] corrected Makefiles Diff
195 2610d 12h roytam /vmw/src/ add ext4 filesystem support Diff
194 2610d 12h roytam /vmw/src/ add proper SCO OpenServer 5 support. Diff
193 2610d 12h roytam /vmw/src/ add AMD64 Makefile (generating i386 binary in AMD64) Diff
192 2610d 12h roytam / vmw-060510 initial import Diff
191 2661d 09h roytam /dlcounter/ [dlcounter] my changes:
- reindent
- change timezone from GMT+9 to GMT+8
- fix most php warnings
- UTF-8ize
- remove the use of point.gif
- add NODETAILS option
- add hotlink link in admin UI
- use chunked readfile() or X-sendfile for better memory requirement of large files
190 2661d 09h roytam / [dlcounter] add initial dlcounter from php.s3.to Diff
189 2679d 05h roytam /komica-up/ - [komica-up]
- "admin mode" in multi-delete mode:
hidden filename and hostname will be shown in admin mode
select nothing and input admin password, press [Delete] to login
select nothing and press [Delete] to logout
188 2738d 04h roytam /komica-up/ - [komica-up]
- add comment in download page
- change chmod() value to 0666