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339 1313d 18h roytam /np21/ [np21] merge SimK5l's np21w-0.85 (v1) update Diff
338 1316d 05h roytam / [bdfbmp-tools] rename folder name Diff
337 1316d 05h roytam /np21/ [np21] merge SimK5l's np21idelanwab (v1) update Diff
336 1320d 09h roytam /np21/ [np21] merge SimK5l's np21idelgy fork Diff
335 1320d 09h roytam / [np21] import neko project 2 0.85 Diff
334 1466d 09h roytam /PokemonHackSourceCode/PokemonMemHack/ [PokemonMemHack] add 411 breeds option Diff
333 1684d 16h roytam /nsis script runner/ [nsis script runner] add !skip <lines>, !mklink <link-file> <target-file> <target-options> <icon-file>, !shellctx <all|current>, !writeini <ini-file> <section> <key> <new-value> Diff
332 1756d 04h roytam /otf2bdf/ [otf2bdf]
- use "ISO10646" for Unicode UCS-4 instead of FontSpecified
- print "Unicode UCS4" in `-et' option for pid 3+eid 10 (CMAP 12 UCS4) instead of "Unknown"
331 1759d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/ [bdf2ttf] update README Diff
330 1759d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] bump version to 2.1 Diff
329 1759d 14h roytam /otf2bdf/ [otf2bdf] my changes begins:
- added mk.bat as a compilation shortcut
- remap: extends to 32bit size
- otf2bdf:
* add `-A' switch for no-autohint
* add `-a' switch for force autohint
* add `-B' switch for no embedded bitmap
* add `-g x' switch for selecting hinting algorithm (0-4)
* Commented out Determine the actual bounding box of the glyph bitmap part, instead, use FT_Glyph_Get_CBox()
* Extends dump area to whole valid Unicode codepoints (U+10FFFF)
328 1759d 14h roytam / [otf2bdf] initial import otf2bdf-3.1 Diff
327 1760d 14h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] add -f switch for generating Unicode Full range font (generating CMAP format 12) Diff
326 1768d 14h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] parse vendor font encoding properly (for example: DEC.CNS11643.1986 will use DEC.CNS11643.TXT now) Diff
325 1800d 07h roytam /GreenPad/ [GreenPad]
- Disable MLang UTF-7 detection
- Add .lay "fq=<int>" entry for controlling font anti aliasing (3=no anti aliasing, 4=force anti aliasing)
324 1801d 15h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] change USE_GLYPH_OFFSET from #define to user changeable switch Diff
323 1850d 11h roytam /bfdbmp-tools/ [bdfbmp-tools] bdf2bmp: modify DWIDTH and BBX.w to 1 if it is 0 Diff
322 1850d 13h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] enable USE_GLYPH_OFFSET Diff
321 1852d 04h roytam /bfdbmp-tools/ [bdfbmp-tools] bdf2bmp:
- modify DWIDTH if BBX.w is bigger than DWIDTH
- better BBX calculation
320 1852d 12h roytam /bdf2ttf/src/ [bdf2ttf] bdf: change tab+spaces indenting to tab-only indenting Diff