Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
885 2008d 20h scribe /branches/ +: PIO 7th branch for Google App Engine for PHP 相容修改 Diff
850 2136d 23h scribe /branches/ -: Revert Tag PIOv5 mistake Diff
848 2137d 00h scribe /branches/ +: Tag PIOv5 Diff
792 2816d 21h scribe /branches/ 刪去 totalsize_fix branch (已併回主幹) Diff
790 2823d 02h scribe /branches/totalsize_fix/lib/ Fixed a problem when FileIO->deleteImage() failed the cache value may not be precise.
Added FileIO->remoteImageExists() for checking the remote image existence.
Move FileIO->getCurrentStorageSize() to lib_fileio.php.
789 2823d 05h scribe /branches/totalsize_fix/ Fixed the calculation logic when sizecache.dat does not exist.
Use file_put_contents() instead of fopen() series functions.
788 2823d 05h scribe /branches/totalsize_fix/lib/fileio/ When error occurs, FileIO->deleteImage() will continue instead of end all the work.
Fixed logic when deleting single thumb file on satellite deleteImage()
787 2823d 20h scribe /branches/totalsize_fix/lib/fileio/ Fixed missing {. Diff
786 2823d 21h scribe /branches/totalsize_fix/ Rewrite total_size($delta). Diff
785 2823d 21h scribe /branches/totalsize_fix/lib/fileio/ Added $FileIO->getCurrentStorageSize().
Update $FileIO->deleteImage return, now returns size deleted.
Normal FileIO now uses IFS as file index.
784 2824d 04h scribe /branches/ Branch
解決 total_size() 的效率問題
783 2824d 04h scribe / 建立 /branches 分支樹,藉以實驗特定 fix 效果 Diff