rtoss - Rev 182

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#include "out.h"

// note: exported symbol is now winampGetInModule2.

#define IN_UNICODE 0x0F000000

#define in_char wchar_t
#define IN_VER (IN_UNICODE | 0x100)
#define in_char char
#define IN_VER 0x100

// By default, Winamp assumes that your input plugin wants to use Winamp's EQ, and doesn't do replay gain
// if you handle any of these yourself (EQ, Replay Gain adjustments), then set these flags accordingly
#define IN_MODULE_FLAG_EQ 2 // set this if you do your own EQ
#define IN_MODULE_FLAG_REPLAYGAIN 8 // set this if you adjusted volume for replay gain
                                                                                                                                                // for tracks with no replay gain metadata, you should clear this flag 
                                                                                                                                                // UNLESS you handle "non_replaygain" gain adjustment yourself
#define IN_MODULE_FLAG_REPLAYGAIN_PREAMP 16 // use this if you queried for the replay gain preamp parameter and used it 
                                                                                                                                                                                // this parameter is new to 5.54
typedef struct 
        int version;                            // module type (IN_VER)
        char *description;                      // description of module, with version string

        HWND hMainWindow;                       // winamp's main window (filled in by winamp)
        HINSTANCE hDllInstance;         // DLL instance handle (Also filled in by winamp)

        char *FileExtensions;           // "mp3\0Layer 3 MPEG\0mp2\0Layer 2 MPEG\0mpg\0Layer 1 MPEG\0"
                                                                // May be altered from Config, so the user can select what they want
        int is_seekable;                        // is this stream seekable? 
        int UsesOutputPlug;                     // does this plug-in use the output plug-ins? (musn't ever change, ever :)
                                                                                                        // note that this has turned into a "flags" field
                                                                                                        // see IN_MODULE_FLAG_*

        void (*Config)(HWND hwndParent); // configuration dialog
        void (*About)(HWND hwndParent);  // about dialog

        void (*Init)();                         // called at program init
        void (*Quit)();                         // called at program quit

        void (*GetFileInfo)(const in_char *file, in_char *title, int *length_in_ms); // if file == NULL, current playing is used

        int (*InfoBox)(const in_char *file, HWND hwndParent);
        int (*IsOurFile)(const in_char *fn);    // called before extension checks, to allow detection of mms://, etc
        // playback stuff
        int (*Play)(const in_char *fn);         // return zero on success, -1 on file-not-found, some other value on other (stopping winamp) error
        void (*Pause)();                        // pause stream
        void (*UnPause)();                      // unpause stream
        int (*IsPaused)();                      // ispaused? return 1 if paused, 0 if not
        void (*Stop)();                         // stop (unload) stream

        // time stuff
        int (*GetLength)();                     // get length in ms
        int (*GetOutputTime)();         // returns current output time in ms. (usually returns outMod->GetOutputTime()
        void (*SetOutputTime)(int time_in_ms);  // seeks to point in stream (in ms). Usually you signal your thread to seek, which seeks and calls outMod->Flush()..

        // volume stuff
        void (*SetVolume)(int volume);  // from 0 to 255.. usually just call outMod->SetVolume
        void (*SetPan)(int pan);        // from -127 to 127.. usually just call outMod->SetPan
        // in-window builtin vis stuff

        void (*SAVSAInit)(int maxlatency_in_ms, int srate);             // call once in Play(). maxlatency_in_ms should be the value returned from outMod->Open()
        // call after opening audio device with max latency in ms and samplerate
        void (*SAVSADeInit)();  // call in Stop()

        // simple vis supplying mode
        void (*SAAddPCMData)(void *PCMData, int nch, int bps, int timestamp); 
                                                                                        // sets the spec data directly from PCM data
                                                                                        // quick and easy way to get vis working :)
                                                                                        // needs at least 576 samples :)

        // advanced vis supplying mode, only use if you're cool. Use SAAddPCMData for most stuff.
        int (*SAGetMode)();             // gets csa (the current type (4=ws,2=osc,1=spec))
                                                        // use when calling SAAdd()
        int (*SAAdd)(void *data, int timestamp, int csa); // sets the spec data, filled in by winamp

        // vis stuff (plug-in)
        // simple vis supplying mode
        void (*VSAAddPCMData)(void *PCMData, int nch, int bps, int timestamp); // sets the vis data directly from PCM data
                                                                                        // quick and easy way to get vis working :)
                                                                                        // needs at least 576 samples :)

        // advanced vis supplying mode, only use if you're cool. Use VSAAddPCMData for most stuff.
        int (*VSAGetMode)(int *specNch, int *waveNch); // use to figure out what to give to VSAAdd
        int (*VSAAdd)(void *data, int timestamp); // filled in by winamp, called by plug-in

        // call this in Play() to tell the vis plug-ins the current output params. 
        void (*VSASetInfo)(int srate, int nch); // <-- Correct (benski, dec 2005).. old declaration had the params backwards

        // dsp plug-in processing: 
        // (filled in by winamp, calld by input plug)

        // returns 1 if active (which means that the number of samples returned by dsp_dosamples
        // could be greater than went in.. Use it to estimate if you'll have enough room in the
        // output buffer
        int (*dsp_isactive)(); 

        // returns number of samples to output. This can be as much as twice numsamples. 
        // be sure to allocate enough buffer for samples, then.
        int (*dsp_dosamples)(short int *samples, int numsamples, int bps, int nch, int srate);

        // eq stuff
        void (*EQSet)(int on, char data[10], int preamp); // 0-64 each, 31 is +0, 0 is +12, 63 is -12. Do nothing to ignore.

        // info setting (filled in by winamp)
        void (*SetInfo)(int bitrate, int srate, int stereo, int synched); // if -1, changes ignored? :)

        Out_Module *outMod; // filled in by winamp, optionally used :)
} In_Module;

// return values from the winampUninstallPlugin(HINSTANCE hdll, HWND parent, int param)
// which determine if we can uninstall the plugin immediately or on winamp restart
// uninstall support was added from 5.0+ and uninstall now support from 5.5+
// it is down to you to ensure that if uninstall now is returned that it will not cause a crash
// (ie don't use if you've been subclassing the main window)