rtoss - Rev 33

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Web Favorities System Change Log
Version 0.05:
* Simplify some codes
* Correct some variables
* Move determination script out of fav_settings.php to fav_common.php
* Add login process to fav_action.php instead of showing "Access Denied"
* Allow Category has URL
* Make navigation bar hidable and visiable in sidebar mode
* Fixed navigation bar hiding when not in sidebar mode
* Fixed navigation bar in WebKit engines
+ Add cookie-based submenu show/hide memory
+ Add [Bookmark This!] bookmarklet (fixed '&' problem in 20070814, and '#' problem later)
+ Add view protected site password short time memorization. (1 hour)
- Remove images and "NI=Y" Query string

Version 0.04:
* Rewritten in PHP + SQLite
+ Add Custom Ordering
* Fix not found case in delete/edit
* Fix Toggle All javascript error
Version 0.03
+ Added Category filter in the feeds
+ Disable Shrinking for Old Netscape
+ Added RSS 1.0/2.0 Feed and Atom 0.3 Feed
+ Added QueryString "F=Y" to force using Shrink/Expand function
+ Added QueryString "NI=Y" to disable loading "Valid" images
+ Added -preliminary- support of placing in Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape6+ sidebar
+ Added QueryString "Navi=N" to hide the navigation bar
+ Added QueryString "sidebar=Y" for Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape6+ sidebar
+ Change font size to 9pt in Sidebar mode
* Changed navigation bar's style to fixed position (but still floating in IE/Old Mozilla)
* Removed navigation bar's transparency
* Change the line height of navigation bar
* Fix session bug
* Fixed a bug of editing entries if "No Category" Category is selected
* Fix a bug with BOF issue

Version 0.02
+ Added navigation bar.
* Increased the textbox width.

Version 0.01
  First release.