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Pixmicat! language file - English (U.S.) [en_US]

if (!isset($language)) $language = Array();

// pixmicat.php
$language['page_not_found']                             = 'Sorry, the page you requested is not found.';
$language['thread_not_found']                   = 'The thread you want to reply does not exist!';
$language['del_head']                                   = '[Delete Post]';
$language['del_img_only']                               = 'Delete image only';
$language['del_pass']                                   = 'Password: ';
$language['del_btn']                                    = ' Delete ';
$language['prev_page']                                  = 'Previous';
$language['first_page']                                 = 'First';
$language['all_pages']                                  = 'ALL';
$language['next_page']                                  = 'Next';
$language['last_page']                                  = 'Last';
$language['img_sample']                                 = '[Thumbnail]';
$language['img_filename']                               = 'Filename: ';
$language['reply_btn']                                  = 'Reply';
$language['warn_sizelimit']                             = 'Image will be deleted soon because of the storage limit of image.';
$language['warn_oldthread']                             = 'Thread will be deleted soon because it is old.';
$language['warn_locked']                                = 'Thread is locked by administrator.';
$language['notice_omitted']                             = '%1$s posts omitted. Click Reply to view.';
$language['post_name']                                  = 'Name: ';
$language['post_category']                              = 'Category: ';
$language['regist_notpost']                             = 'Please use the form on the board to submit.';
$language['regist_nospam']                              = 'Anti Spambot system activated.';
$language['regist_ipfiltered']                  = 'Your connection is refused. Reason: %1$s';
$language['regist_wordfiltered']                = 'Banned words is found, cannot submit.';
$language['regist_upload_exceedphp']    = 'Upload failed.<br />File size exceeds server limitation.';
$language['regist_upload_exceedcustom'] = 'Upload failed.<br />File size exceeds limitation.';
$language['regist_upload_incompelete']  = 'Upload failed.<br />Incomplete upload. Please retry.';
$language['regist_upload_direrror']             = 'Upload failed.<br />Wrong setting of upload temporary directory. Please contact the system administrator.';
$language['regist_upload_noimg']                = 'Please check No Image check box if you post without uploading an image!';
$language['regist_upload_filenotfound'] = 'Upload failed.<br />Server disabled file uploading, permission denied, or unsupported format.';
$language['regist_upload_killincomp']   = '[Notice] Your sending was canceled because of the incorrect file size.';
$language['regist_upload_notimage']             = 'Upload failed.<br />Files other than image is not accepted.';
$language['regist_upload_notsupport']   = 'Unsupported image.';
$language['regist_upload_blocked']              = 'Upload failed.<br />Uploading this image is blocked.';
$language['regist_uploaded']                    = 'Image %1$s uploaded.<br />';
$language['regist_sakuradetected']              = 'Big5 sakura Japanese characters detected.';
$language['regist_withoutname']                 = 'Please fill your name.';
$language['regist_withoutcomment']              = 'Please fill comment field if you don\'t upload an image.';
$language['regist_nametoolong']                 = 'Name is too long.';
$language['regist_emailtoolong']                = 'E-mail is too long.';
$language['regist_topictoolong']                = 'Topic is too long.';
$language['regist_longthreadnum']               = 'The thread you reply may be wrong.';
$language['admin']                                              = 'Admin';
$language['deletor']                                    = 'Deletor';
$language['trip_pre']                                   = '!';
$language['trip_pre_fake']                              = '|';
$language['cap_char']                                   = '¤';
$language['cap_char_fake']                              = 'ø';
$language['regist_commenttoolong']              = 'Comment is too long.';
$language['notice_incompletefile']              = 'Notice: Incomplete image.';
$language['sun']                                                = 'Sun';
$language['mon']                                                = 'Mon';
$language['tue']                                                = 'Tue';
$language['wed']                                                = 'Wed';
$language['thu']                                                = 'Thu';
$language['fri']                                                = 'Fri';
$language['sat']                                                = 'Sat';
$language['regist_successivepost']              = 'Please wait for a while for continuous posting.';
$language['regist_duplicatefile']               = 'Upload failed.<br />Same file uploaded lately.';
$language['regist_threaddeleted']               = 'This thread is too old that it is deleted!';
$language['regist_threadlocked']                = 'Thread is locked by administrator!';
$language['regist_redirect']                    = '%1$s Redirecting... <p>If your browser don\'t redirect for you, please click: <a href="%2$s">Return</a></p>';
$language['del_notchecked']                             = 'Nothing selected for deletion. Please go back and select again.';
$language['del_wrongpwornotfound']              = 'No such post or wrong password.';
$language['admin_wrongpassword']                = 'Wrong password';
$language['return']                                             = 'Return';
$language['admin_remake']                               = 'Update';
$language['admin_top']                                  = 'Administrator mode';
$language['admin_manageposts']                  = 'Manage posts';
$language['admin_optimize']                             = 'Optimize';
$language['admin_verify_btn']                   = ' Sign in ';
$language['admin_archive']                              = '<th>Archive</th>';
$language['admin_notices']                              = '<ul><li>If you want to delete a post, check the "delete" checkbox before that post and click Submit button.</li><li>If you want to delete image only, please check "Delete image only" checkbox and follow normal deletion procedures.</li><li>If you want to lock/unlock a thread, please check "Stop" checkbox of that thread and click "Submit" button.</li><li>Actions will be submitted when you go to other page, please be careful.</li><li>Please press "Update" after managing posts.</li></ul>';
$language['admin_submit_btn']                   = ' Submit ';
$language['admin_reset_btn']                    = ' Reset ';
$language['admin_list_header']                  = '<th>Func</th><th>Stop</th><th>Del</th><th>Date</th><th>Topic</th><th>Name</th><th>Comment</th><th>Host</th><th>Image (Bytes)<br />MD5 checksum</th>';
$language['admin_archive_btn']                  = 'A';
$language['admin_stop_btn']                             = 'Stop';
$language['admin_totalsize']                    = '[Total size of images: <b>%1$s</b> KB ]';
$language['search_disabled']                    = 'Search is disabled!';
$language['search_top']                                 = 'Search';
$language['search_notice']                              = '<li>Please enter keyword and set search target, then press "Search" button.</li><li>Searching with multiple keywords can be done by seperating keywords with space.</li><li>You can set Search method("and searching" and "or searching") for multiple keywords searching.<p />Keyword:';
$language['search_target']                              = 'Target:';
$language['search_target_comment']              = 'Comment';
$language['search_target_name']                 = 'Name';
$language['search_target_topic']                = 'Topic';
$language['search_target_number']               = 'No.';
$language['search_method']                              = 'Method:';
$language['search_method_and']                  = 'AND';
$language['search_method_or']                   = 'OR';
$language['search_submit_btn']                  = ' Search ';
$language['search_notfound']                    = 'no search result with specified keyword.';
$language['search_back']                                = '[Back]';
$language['category_nokeyword']                 = 'Please enter category for searching similar posts.';
$language['category_notfound']                  = 'No matching posts for this category.';
$language['category_recache']                   = 'Recache';
$language['module_info_top']                    = 'Module Information';
$language['module_loaded']                              = 'Module Loaded:';
$language['module_info']                                = 'Module Infomation:';
$language['info_top']                                   = 'System Information';
$language['info_disabled']                              = 'Disabled';
$language['info_enabled']                               = 'Enabled';
$language['info_functional']                    = 'Functional';
$language['info_nonfunctional']                 = 'Non functional';
$language['info_basic']                                 = 'Basic Settings';
$language['info_basic_ver']                             = 'Program version';
$language['info_basic_pio']                             = 'PIO library backend and version';
$language['info_basic_threadsperpage']  = 'Threads per page';
$language['info_basic_threads']                 = '';
$language['info_basic_postsperpage']    = 'Replies to show in index';
$language['info_basic_posts']                   = '';
$language['info_basic_postsinthread']   = 'Posts per page in Reply mode';
$language['info_basic_posts_showall']   = '(Show all:0)';
$language['info_basic_bumpposts']               = 'Do not bump post if reply is more than';
$language['info_basic_bumphours']               = 'Thread bumping hours';
$language['info_basic_hours']                   = 'hour(s)';
$language['info_basic_0disable']                = '(Disable:0)';
$language['info_basic_urllinking']              = 'URL Auto Linking';
$language['info_0no1yes']                               = '(Yes:1 No:0)';
$language['info_basic_com_limit']               = 'Maximum size of comments';
$language['info_basic_com_after']               = ' Bytes';
$language['info_basic_anonpost']                = 'Anonymous posting';
$language['info_basic_anonpost_opt']    = '(Force anonymous:2 Yes:1 No:0)';
$language['info_basic_del_incomplete']  = 'Delete incomplete images';
$language['info_basic_use_sample']              = 'Use thumbnails (Quality: %1$s)';
$language['info_0notuse1use']                   = '(Use:1 Not used:0)';
$language['info_basic_use_sample_func'] = '+ Thumbnails generation';
$language['info_basic_useblock']                = 'IP blocking';
$language['info_0disable1enable']               = '(Enable:1 Disable:0)';
$language['info_basic_showid']                  = 'Show ID';
$language['info_basic_showid_after']    = '(force show:2 selective show:1 do not show:0)';
$language['info_basic_cr_limit']                = 'Comment row limit';
$language['info_basic_cr_after']                = ' Row(s) (unlimited:0)';
$language['info_basic_timezone']                = 'Time zone';
$language['info_basic_threadcount']             = 'Total threads count';
$language['info_dsusage_top']                   = 'Data source usage';
$language['info_dsusage_max']                   = 'Maximum size';
$language['info_dsusage_usage']         = 'Usage';
$language['info_dsusage_count']         = 'Current usage';
$language['info_fileusage_top']         = 'Storage limit of images:';
$language['info_fileusage_limit']               = 'Maximum size';
$language['info_fileusage_count']               = 'Current usage';
$language['info_fileusage_unlimited']   = 'Unlimited';
$language['info_server_top']                    = 'Server infomation';
$language['info_server_gd']                             = 'GD library ';
$language['init_permerror']                             = 'No write permission in root directory. Please modify permission settings.<br />';
$language['init_inited']                                = 'Environment initialized.<br />Please edit this file and remove init() statement.<br />';
$language['action_opt_notsupport']              = 'Backend does not support this operation.';
$language['action_opt_optimize']                = 'Optimization ';
$language['action_opt_success']                 = 'success!';
$language['action_opt_failed']                  = 'failed!';

// lib_common.php
$language['head_home']                                  = 'Home';
$language['head_search']                                = 'Search';
$language['head_info']                                  = 'Info';
$language['head_admin']                                 = 'Admin';
$language['head_refresh']                               = 'Refresh';
$language['form_top']                                   = 'Reply Mode';
$language['form_showpostform']                  = 'Post';
$language['form_hidepostform']                  = 'Hide form';
$language['form_name']                                  = 'Name';
$language['form_email']                                 = 'E-mail';
$language['form_topic']                                 = 'Topic';
$language['form_submit_btn']                    = 'Submit';
$language['form_comment']                               = 'Comment';
$language['form_attechment']                    = 'Image';
$language['form_noattechment']                  = 'No Image';
$language['form_contpost']                              = 'Continuous';
$language['form_category']                              = 'Category';
$language['form_category_notice']               = '(Use , to seperate)';
$language['form_delete_password']               = 'Password';
$language['form_delete_password_notice']= '(for deletion, 8 chars max)';
$language['form_notice']                                = '<li>Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG</li><li>Maximum file size allowed is %1$s KB. Fill E-mail with sage for not bumping post.</li><li>mages greater than %2$s * %3$s pixels will be thumbnailed.</li>';
$language['form_notice_storage_limit']  = '<li>Current storage usage: %1$s KB / %2$s KB</li>';
$language['form_notice_noscript']               = '*** You disabled JavaScript, but this won\'t affect you when browsing and posting.';
$language['error_back']                                 = 'Back';
$language['ip_banned']                                  = 'Listed in IP/Hostname Blacklist';
$language['ip_dnsbl_banned']                    = 'Listed in DNSBL(%1$s) Blacklist';

// mainscript.js // regist_withoutcomment,regist_upload_notsupport,js_convert_sakura
$language['js_convert_sakura']                  = 'Big5 sakura Japanese characters detected, please try to convert to standard one.';