earlybrowserreborn - Rev 1

Subversion Repositories:
* Added hook for viola to send messages to vw's active help field.
  ie: for http progress report.

* Removed (comment out) motif-side icon and title widget and associated 
  supporting code. 

  The globe-icon is now confusing since viola's takes you home, and 
  xmosaic's is a http activity indicator. Also, it was taking up space.

  Instead, viola now draws the title (instead of motif). Nice feature 
  now in that when the title text is longer than width of the window, 
  viola will use a smaller font to allow for the title to be drawn 
  in two lines. Can also drag-cut from the field as one would expect.

* Put in the toolbar frame, right under the menu bar, in which viola 
  dynamically adds/deletes tools. The motif buttons "BackUp" "Previous"
  "Next" "Show Source" and "Clone Page" I've stuck into the right side 
  of the toobar as icons. Same features are also accessible from the 
  'Navigation' menu. This frees up some vertical space.

  User/document defined tools are tiled from the left side of the toolbar.

* Improved the way motif-front sends messages to viola. Changed the 
  calling methods (and associated data structures), from name string 
  based to object pointer based. Using object pointers means viola no 
  longer needs to translate string references to the actual object
  pointers for every single message. This improves scrolling speed.

* Misc stuff like commenting out code/functions that are already
  in viola library and thus no need to duplicate in Motif-ViolaWWW.

* More improvement in messaging between viola and vw.

* History mechanism fixed. Was just not working except for the simplest

* Added appropriate busy/idle cursor'ing.