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/*                                                    WAIS protocol module for the W3 library
                                 WAIS PROTOCOL INTERFACE
   This module does not actually perform the WAIS protocol directly, but it does using one
   or more libraries of the freeWAIS distribution. The ui.a library came with the old free
   WAIS from TMC,  the client.a and wais.a libraries are needed from the freeWAIS from
   If you include this module in the library, you must also
      Register the HTWAIS protocol at initialisation (e.g. HTInit or HTSInit) by compiling
      it with -DDIRECT_WAIS
      Link with the WAIS libraries
   The wais source files are parsed by a separate and independent module, HTWSRC .   You
   can include HTWSRC without including direct wais using this module, and your WWW code
   will be able to read source files, and access WAIS indexes through a gateway.
   A WAIS-WWW gateway is just a normal W3 server with a libwww compiled with this module.
   Anyways, this interface won't change much:

#ifndef HTWAIS_H
#define HTWAIS_H
#include "HTUtils.h"
#include "HTAccess.h"




                                                                                    Tim BL