earlybrowserreborn - Rev 1

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/*                              ENCODING TO PRINTABLE CHARACTERS
   File module provides functions HTUU_encode() and HTUU_decode() which convert a buffer
   of bytes to/from RFC 1113 printable encoding format. This technique is similar to the
   familiar Unix uuencode format in that it maps 6 binary bits to one ASCII character (or
   more aptly, 3 binary bytes to 4 ASCII characters).  However, RFC 1113 does not use the
   same mapping to printable characters as uuencode.

#ifndef HTUU_H
#define HTUU_H

#include "HTUtils.h"

PUBLIC int HTUU_encode PARAMS((unsigned char *bufin,
                               unsigned int nbytes,
                               char *bufcoded));

PUBLIC int HTUU_decode PARAMS((char *bufcoded,
                               unsigned char *bufplain,
                               int outbufsize));


   End of file.  */