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/*                                                       HTStyle: Style management for libwww
                              STYLE DEFINITION FOR HYPERTEXT
   Styles allow the translation between a logical property of a piece of text and its
   physical representation.
   A StyleSheet is a collection of styles, defining the translation necessary to represent
   a document. It is a linked list of styles.
Overriding this module

   Why is the style structure declared in the HTStyle.h module, instead of having the user
   browser define the structure, and the HTStyle routines just use sizeof() for copying?
   It's not obvious whether HTStyle.c should be common code.  It's useful to have common
   code for loading style sheets, especially if the movement toward standard style sheets
   gets going.
   If it IS common code, then both the hypertext object and HTStyle.c must know the
   structure of a style, so HTStyle.h is a suitable place to put that.  HTStyle.c has to
   be compiled with a knowledge of the
   It we take it out of the library, then of course HTStyle could be declared as an
   undefined structure. The only references to it are in the structure-flattening code
   HTML.c and HTPlain.c, which only use HTStypeNamed().
   You can in any case override this function in your own code, which will prevent the
   HTStyle from being loaded.  You will be able to redefine your style structure in this
   case without problems, as no other moule needs to know it.

#ifndef HTStyle_H
#define HTStyle_H

#include "HTUtils.h"
#include "HTAnchor.h"

typedef long int HTFont;        /* Dummy definition instead */

#define HTStyleNew                      HTStNew
#define HTStyleFree                     HTStFree
#define HTStyleRead                     HTStRead
#define HTStyleWrite                    HTStWrite
#define HTStyleSheetNew                 HTStShNe
#define HTStyleSheetFree                HTStShFr
#define HTStyleNamed                    HTStName
#define HTStyleForParagraph             HTStFoPa
#define HTStyleMatching                 HTStMatc
#define HTStyleForRun                   HTStFoRu
#define HTStyleSheetAddStyle            HTStShAd
#define HTStyleSheetRemoveStyle         HTStShRm
#define HTStyleSheetRead                HTStShRe
#define HTStyleSheetWrite               HTStShWr

#ifdef NeXT_suppressed
#include <appkit/appkit.h>
typedef NXCoord HTCoord;
#define HTParagraphStyle NXTextStyle
#define HTCoord NXCoord
typedef struct _color {
        float   grey;
        int     RGBColor;
} HTColor;

typedef float HTCoord;

typedef struct _HTParagraphStyle {
    HTCoord     left_indent;            /* @@@@ junk! etc etc*/
} HTParagraphStyle;

typedef int HTColor;            /* Sorry about the US spelling! */


#define STYLE_NAME_LENGTH       80      /* @@@@@@@@@@@ */
typedef struct {
    short               kind;           /* only NX_LEFTTAB implemented*/
    HTCoord             position;       /* x coordinate for stop */
} HTTabStop;

/*      The Style Structure
**      -------------------

typedef struct _HTStyle {

/*      Style management information

    struct _HTStyle     *next;          /* Link for putting into stylesheet */
    char *              name;           /* Style name */
    char *              SGMLTag;        /* Tag name to start */

/*      Character attributes    (a la NXRun)

    HTFont              font;           /* Font id */
    HTCoord             fontSize;       /* The size of font, not independent */
    HTColor             color;  /* text gray of current run */
    int                 superscript;    /* superscript (-sub) in points */

    HTAnchor            *anchor;        /* Anchor id if any, else zero */

/*      Paragraph Attribtes     (a la NXTextStyle)

    HTCoord             indent1st;      /* how far first line in paragraph is
                                 * indented */

    HTCoord             leftIndent;     /* how far second line is indented */
    HTCoord             rightIndent;    /* (Missing from NeXT version */
    short               alignment;      /* quad justification */
    HTCoord             lineHt;         /* line height */
    HTCoord             descentLine;    /* descender bottom from baseline */
    HTTabStop           *tabs;          /* array of tab stops, 0 terminated */

    BOOL                wordWrap;       /* Yes means wrap at space not char */
    BOOL                freeFormat;     /* Yes means \n is just white space */
    HTCoord             spaceBefore;    /* Omissions from NXTextStyle */
    HTCoord             spaceAfter;
    int                 paraFlags;      /* Paragraph flags, bits as follows: */

#define PARA_KEEP       1       /* Do not break page within this paragraph */
#define PARA_WITH_NEXT  2       /* Do not break page after this paragraph */

#define HT_JUSTIFY 0            /* For alignment */
#define HT_LEFT 1
#define HT_RIGHT 2
#define HT_CENTER 3

} HTStyle;

/*      Style functions:

extern HTStyle * HTStyleNew NOPARAMS;
extern HTStyle* HTStyleNewNamed PARAMS ((CONST char * name));
extern HTStyle * HTStyleFree PARAMS((HTStyle * self));
#ifdef SUPRESS
extern HTStyle * HTStyleRead PARAMS((HTStyle * self, HTStream * stream));
extern HTStyle * HTStyleWrite PARAMS((HTStyle * self, HTStream * stream));
/*              Style Sheet
**              -----------

typedef struct _HTStyleSheet {
        char *          name;
        HTStyle *       styles;
} HTStyleSheet;

/*      Stylesheet functions:

extern HTStyleSheet * HTStyleSheetNew NOPARAMS;
extern HTStyleSheet * HTStyleSheetFree PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self));
extern HTStyle * HTStyleNamed PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self, CONST char * name));
extern HTStyle * HTStyleForParagraph PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self,
        HTParagraphStyle * paraStyle));
extern HTStyle * HTStyleMatching PARAMS((HTStyleSheet *self, HTStyle * style));
/* extern HTStyle * HTStyleForRun PARAMS((HTStyleSheet *self, NXRun * run)); */
extern HTStyleSheet * HTStyleSheetAddStyle PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self,
        HTStyle * style));
extern HTStyleSheet * HTStyleSheetRemoveStyle PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self,
        HTStyle * style));
extern HTStyleSheet * HTStyleSheetRead PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self,
                                                HTStream * stream));
extern HTStyleSheet * HTStyleSheetWrite PARAMS((HTStyleSheet * self,
                                                HTStream * stream));
#define CLEAR_POINTER ((void *)-1)      /* Pointer value means "clear me" */
#endif /* HTStyle_H */