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/*                                                      The Stream class definition -- libwww
                                 STREAM OBJECT DEFINITION
   A Stream object is something which accepts a stream of text.
   The creation methods will vary on the type of Stream Object.   All creation methods
   return a pointer to the stream type below.
   As you can see, but the methods used to write to the stream and close it are pointed to
   be the object itself.

#ifndef HTSTREAM_H
#define HTSTREAM_H

#include "HTUtils.h"

typedef struct _HTStream HTStream;


   These are the common methods of all streams.  They should be self-explanatory, except
   for end_document which must be called before free.  It should be merged with free in
   fact:  it should be dummy for new streams.
   The put_block method was write, but this upset systems whiuch had macros for write().

typedef struct _HTStreamClass {

        char*  name;                            /* Just for diagnostics */
        void (*free) PARAMS((
                HTStream*       me));

        void (*end) PARAMS((                    /* pyw */
                HTStream*       me));
        void (*abort) PARAMS((
                HTStream*       me,
                HTError         e));
        void (*put_character) PARAMS((
                HTStream*       me,
                char            ch));
        void (*put_string) PARAMS((
                HTStream*       me,
                CONST char *    str));
        void (*progress) PARAMS((
                HTStream*       me,
                int             n));
        void (*put_block) PARAMS((
                HTStream*       me,
                CONST char *    str,
                int             len));

#endif /* HTSTREAM_H */


   end of HTStream.h */