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/*                                                               FTP access module for libwww
                                   FTP ACCESS FUNCTIONS
   This isn't really  a valid protocol module -- it is lumped together with HTFile . That
   could be changed easily.
   Author: Tim Berners-Lee. Public Domain. Please mail changes to timbl@info.cern.ch

#ifndef HTFTP_H
#define HTFTP_H

#include "HTUtils.h"
#include "HTAnchor.h"
#include "HTStream.h"


Retrieve File from Server

  returns                 Socket number for file if good.<0 if bad.

extern int HTFTPLoad PARAMS
  CONST char *          name,
  HTParentAnchor *      anchor,
  HTFormat              format_out,
  HTStream*             sink


Return Host Name


extern CONST char * HTHostName NOPARAMS;



   end  */