earlybrowserreborn - Rev 1

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/* root.c:
 * this loads an image onto the root window.  changes to allow proper
 * freeing of previously allocated resources made by Deron Dann Johnson
 * (dj@eng.sun.com).
 * jim frost 10.03.89
 * Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991 Jim Frost.
 * See included file "copyright.h" for complete copyright information.

#include "copyright.h"
#include "xloadimage.h"
#include <X11/Xatom.h>


void updateProperty(dpy, w, name, type, format, data, nelem)
     Display    *dpy;
     Window     w;
     char       *name;
     Atom       type;
     int        format;
     int        data;
     int        nelem;
  /* intern the property name */
  Atom  atom = XInternAtom(dpy, name, 0);

  /* create or replace the property */
  XChangeProperty(dpy, w, atom, type, format, PropModeReplace,
                  (unsigned char *)&data, nelem);

/* Sets the close-down mode of the client to 'RetainPermanent'
 * so all client resources will be preserved after the client
 * exits.  Puts a property on the default root window containing
 * an XID of the client so that the resources can later be killed.

static void
preserveResource(dpy, w)
     Display    *dpy;
     Window     w;
  /* create dummy resource */
  Pixmap pm= XCreatePixmap(dpy, w, 1, 1, 1);
  /* create/replace the property */
  updateProperty(dpy, w, RETAIN_PROP_NAME, XA_PIXMAP, 32, (int)pm, 1);
  /* retain all client resources until explicitly killed */
  XSetCloseDownMode(dpy, RetainPermanent);

/* Flushes any resources previously retained by the client,
 * if any exist.

static void
freePrevious(dpy, w)
     Display    *dpy;
     Window     w;
  Pixmap *pm;                  
  Atom  actual_type;            /* NOTUSED */
  int   format;
  int   nitems;
  int   bytes_after;

  /* intern the property name */
  Atom atom = XInternAtom(dpy, RETAIN_PROP_NAME, 0);

  /* look for existing resource allocation */
  if ((XGetWindowProperty(dpy, w, atom, 0, 1, 1/*delete*/,
                          AnyPropertyType, &actual_type, &format, &nitems,
                          &bytes_after, &pm) == Success) &&
      nitems == 1)
    if ((actual_type == XA_PIXMAP) && (format == 32) &&
        (nitems == 1) && (bytes_after == 0)) {
      /* blast it away */
      XKillClient(dpy, (Pixmap *) *pm);
    else if (actual_type != None) {
              "%s: warning: invalid format encountered for property %s\n",
              RETAIN_PROP_NAME, "xloadimage");

/* this returns the root window for DECWindows servers.  this is right
 * out of xsetroot with minor formatting changes.

static Window getWmRootWindow(dpy, root)
     Display *dpy;
     Window root;
  Window parent;
  Window *child;
  unsigned int nchildren;
  XWindowAttributes rootatt, childatt;
  if (!XGetWindowAttributes (dpy, root, &rootatt)) {
    fprintf(stderr, "XGetWindowAttributes on root failed.\n");

  if (XQueryTree (dpy, root, &root, &parent, &child, &nchildren)) {
    int i;
    for (i = 0; i < nchildren; i++) {
      if (!XGetWindowAttributes (dpy, child[i], &childatt)) {
        fprintf(stderr, "XGetWindowAttributes on child failed.\n");
      if ((rootatt.width == childatt.width) &&
          (rootatt.height == childatt.height))
        return child[i];
    return root;
  } else {
    fprintf(stderr, "XQueryTree failed (window doesn't exist).\n");

static Window getDECRootWindow(dpy, root)
     Display *dpy;
     Window root;
  Window temporary_rootW;

  temporary_rootW = getWmRootWindow(dpy, root);
  return(getWmRootWindow(dpy, temporary_rootW));

void imageOnRoot(disp, scrn, window, image, verbose)
     Display      *disp;
     int           scrn;
     Window        window;
     Image        *image;
     unsigned int  verbose;
{ Pixmap        pixmap;
  XImageInfo   *ximageinfo;
  Atom          __SWM_VROOT = None;
  Window        root, rootReturn, parentReturn, *children;
  unsigned int  numChildren;
  int           i;
  char         *s;

  if (window)
    root= window;
  else {
    root = RootWindow(disp, scrn);

    /* look for DECWindows servers because they do strange stuff with the
     * root window.  they should be shot for that one.

    for (s= ServerVendor(disp); *s; s++)
      if (!strncmp(s, "DECWINDOWS", 10))
        root= getDECRootWindow(disp, scrn);

    /* Added for window managers like swm and tvtwm that follow solbourne's
     * virtual root window concept.

    __SWM_VROOT = XInternAtom(disp, "__SWM_VROOT", False);
    XQueryTree(disp, root, &rootReturn, &parentReturn, &children, &numChildren);
    for(i = 0; i < numChildren; i++) {
      Atom actual_type;
      int actual_format;
      long nitems, bytesafter;
      Window *newRoot = NULL;
      if (XGetWindowProperty (disp, children[i], __SWM_VROOT,0,1,
                              False, XA_WINDOW, &actual_type, &actual_format,
                              &nitems, &bytesafter,
                              (unsigned char **) &newRoot) ==
          Success && newRoot) {
        root = *newRoot;
  freePrevious(disp, root);

  if (! (ximageinfo= imageToXImage(disp, scrn,
                                   DefaultVisual(disp, scrn),
                                   DefaultDepth(disp, scrn),
                                   image, False, True, verbose))) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Cannot convert Image to XImage\n");
  if ((pixmap= ximageToPixmap(disp, root, ximageinfo)) == None) {
    printf("Cannot create background (not enough resources, sorry)\n");

  /* changing the root colormap is A Bad Thing, so deny it.

  if (ximageinfo->cmap != DefaultColormap(disp, scrn)) {
    printf("Loading image onto root would change default colormap (sorry)\n");
    XFreePixmap(disp, pixmap);

  XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap(disp, root, pixmap);
  XClearWindow(disp, root);
  XFreePixmap(disp, pixmap);
  freeXImage(image, ximageinfo);
  preserveResource(disp, root);