earlybrowserreborn - Rev 1

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# Makefile for xloadimage.  this replaces the multiple makefiles used in
# versions prior to xloadimage 2.00.
# WARNING: if you use gcc 1.37, there is an optimizer bug which causes GIF
# images to come out black and colormap reduction to fail.  Use gcc-1-37 as
# your make target if you have gcc 1.37.

SHELL= /bin/sh
MAKE= make
STD_CC= cc
GCC= gcc
CP= cp
LN= ln -s
RM= rm -f
LIBS= -lX11 -lm
GCCFLAGS= -fstrength-reduce -finline-functions
GCC137FLAGS= -fforce-mem -fforce-addr -fstrength-reduce -finline-functions

MISC= Imakefile Makefile Makefile.std README build-imake buildshar.c \
      xloadimage.man patchlevel mcidas.h pbm.h rle.h sunraster.h \
      xloadimage.h xwd.h

INCS= cmuwmraster.h copyright.h fbm.h g3.h gif.h image.h img.h \
      imagetypes.h kljcpyrght.h mac.h mit.cpyrght mrmcpyrght.h \
      options.h tgncpyrght.h

SRCS= bright.c clip.c cmuwmraster.c compress.c dither.c faces.c fbm.c \
      fill.c g3.c gif.c halftone.c imagetypes.c img.c mac.c mcidas.c \
      mc_tables.c merge.c misc.c new.c options.c path.c pbm.c pcx.c \
      reduce.c rle.c rlelib.c root.c rotate.c send.c smooth.c sunraster.c \
      value.c window.c xbitmap.c xloadimage.c xpixmap.c xwd.c zio.c zoom.c

OBJS= bright.o clip.o cmuwmraster.o compress.o dither.o faces.o fbm.o \
      fill.o g3.o gif.o halftone.o imagetypes.o img.o mac.o mcidas.o \
      mc_tables.o merge.o misc.o new.o options.o path.o pbm.o pcx.o \
      reduce.o rle.o rlelib.o root.o rotate.o send.o smooth.o sunraster.o \
      value.o window.o xbitmap.o xloadimage.o xpixmap.o xwd.o zio.o zoom.o


# standard target.  this is for BSD-like environments, generally, although
# it will also work in many System-V environments.

        @echo "Building standard distribution.  If this fails, consider trying"
        @echo "'make sysv'."
        $(MAKE) xloadimage CC=$(STD_CC)

# system-v target.  use this if you have a system-v compliant system.
        @echo "Building standard distribution for System-V."
        $(MAKE) xloadimage CC=$(STD_CC) EXTRAFLAGS=-DSYSV

# gcc target.  use this if you have a gcc that is not version 1.37.  you
# should add -DSYSV between the quotes in EXTRAFLAGS if your system is
# system-v compliant as well.

        @echo "Building distribution with GNU cc."
        @echo "**************************************************************"
        @echo "If you use gcc 1.37, you should abort and type 'make gcc-1-37'"
        @echo "instead.  If GIF images always display solid black or if"
        @echo "color images reduce to only a single color, your version"
        @echo "of gcc has a bug and you should use the gcc-1-37 target."
        @echo "If something else doesn't work, try using 'make gcc-1-37' and"
        @echo "then 'make std' before reporting a bug."
        @echo "**************************************************************"
        $(MAKE) xloadimage CC=$(GCC) EXTRAFLAGS="$(GCCFLAGS)"

# this target is for systems which use gcc 1.37.  there is a compiler bug
# in gcc 1.37 which causes some xloadimage functions to fail with the
# standard optimizations.  use this if GIF loading and colormap reduction
# product black pictures.

        @echo "Building distribution with GNU cc using flags for gcc 1.37."
        @echo "If something doesn't work, try using std before reporting"
        @echo "a bug."
        $(MAKE) xloadimage CC=$(GCC) EXTRAFLAGS="$(GCC137FLAGS)"

        @echo "Building System-V distribution with GNU cc."
        @echo "Building distribution with GNU cc."
        @echo "***********************************************************"
        @echo "If you use gcc 1.37, you should abort and type"
        @echo "'make sysv-gcc-1-37' instead.  If GIF images always display"
        @echo "solid black or if color images reduce to only a single"
        @echo "color, your version of gcc has a bug and you should use"
        @echo "the gcc-1-37 target.  If something else doesn't work, try"
        @echo "using 'make sysv-gcc-1-37' and then 'make std' before"
        @echo "reporting a bug."
        @echo "***********************************************************"
        $(MAKE) xloadimage CC=$(GCC) EXTRAFLAGS="-DSYSV $(GCCFLAGS)"

# see comment for gcc-1-37 target.

        @echo "Building System-V distribution with GNU cc using flags for"
        @echo "gcc 1.37.  If something doesn't work, try using std before"
        @echo "reporting a bug."
        $(MAKE) xloadimage CC=$(GCC) EXTRAFLAGS="-DSYSV $(GCC137FLAGS)"

install: $(SYSPATHFILE)
        $(RM) $(INSTALLDIR)/xloadimage
        $(RM) $(INSTALLDIR)/xsetbg
        $(RM) $(INSTALLDIR)/xview
        $(CP) xloadimage $(INSTALLDIR)/xloadimage
        $(LN) $(INSTALLDIR)/xloadimage $(INSTALLDIR)/xsetbg
        $(LN) $(INSTALLDIR)/xloadimage $(INSTALLDIR)/xview

xloadimage: $(OBJS)
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o xloadimage $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

.c.o: xloadimage.h
        $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $*.c

        rm -f *.o *~ xloadimage buildshar doshar shar.* *.tar *.tar.Z

        @echo "*** Creating default $(SYSPATHFILE) since you"
        @echo "*** don't have one. This file is used to set up default places"
        @echo "*** and names to look for images.  You probably want to edit"
        @echo "*** it for your site.  See the xloadimage manual page for"
        @echo "*** details on the contents of this file."
        cp /dev/null $(SYSPATHFILE)
        echo "path= /usr/local/images" \
                >> $(SYSPATHFILE)
        echo "extension=.csun .msun .sun .face .xbm .bm .gif" \

# this is for building Imakefiles and such for distributions

        rm -f Imakefile Makefile.std
        cp Makefile Makefile.std # backup in case they want it
        ./build-imake "$(SRCS)" "$(OBJS)"

# these targets are for building shar distributions

buildshar: buildshar.o
        $(CC) -o buildshar buildshar.o

shar: buildshar new-imake
        rm -f shar.* doshar
        ./buildshar $(ALL) > doshar
        sh doshar
        rm -f doshar Makefile.std

# targets for building tar distributions

tar: xloadimage.tar

tar.Z: xloadimage.tar
        compress xloadimage.tar

xloadimage.tar: new-imake
        tar cf xloadimage.tar $(ALL)
        rm -f Imakefile Makefile.std

# target for building debuggable versions

        @echo Building a debugging version of xloadimage.
        make xloadimage CC=$(STD_CC) CFLAGS="-g -DDEBUG -DSYSPATHFILE=\\\"$(SYSPATHFILE)\\\""

        @echo Building a debugging version of xloadimage for System-V.
        make xloadimage CC=$(STD_CC) CFLAGS="-g -DDEBUG -DSYSPATHFILE=\\\"$(SYSPATHFILE)\\\" -DSYSV"

# these targets are for those of us who have Saber-C

# load all objects in saber.  useful if you then swap the portions to debug
# for source.

        #setopt ccargs -g -DSYSPATHFILE=\\\"$(SYSPATHFILE)\\\"
        #load $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

# load all sources in saber.  not as useful as the last one.

        #setopt load_flags -DSYSPATHFILE=\\\"$(SYSPATHFILE)\\\"
        #load $(SRCS) $(LIBS)