earlybrowserreborn - Rev 1

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# Imakefile for building within the X11 source tree.
# This Imakefile was automatically generated from Makefile.std.
# If you have problems building, you should read the README file and
# consider using Makefile.std.
# If you use gcc, you should read the README file and consider using
# Makefile.std.

        DEPLIBS = $(DEPXLIB)

SRCS = bright.c clip.c cmuwmraster.c compress.c dither.c faces.c fbm.c  fill.c g3.c gif.c halftone.c imagetypes.c img.c mac.c mcidas.c  mc_tables.c merge.c misc.c new.c options.c path.c pbm.c pcx.c  reduce.c rle.c rlelib.c root.c rotate.c send.c smooth.c sunraster.c  value.c window.c xbitmap.c xloadimage.c xpixmap.c xwd.c zio.c zoom.c
OBJS = bright.o clip.o cmuwmraster.o compress.o dither.o faces.o fbm.o  fill.o g3.o gif.o halftone.o imagetypes.o img.o mac.o mcidas.o  mc_tables.o merge.o misc.o new.o options.o path.o pbm.o pcx.o  reduce.o rle.o rlelib.o root.o rotate.o send.o smooth.o sunraster.o  value.o window.o xbitmap.o xloadimage.o xpixmap.o xwd.o zio.o zoom.o


install:: $(SYSPATHFILE)
        $(RM) $(BINDIR)/xview $(BINDIR)/xsetbg
        $(LN) $(BINDIR)/xloadimage $(BINDIR)/xview
        $(LN) $(BINDIR)/xloadimage $(BINDIR)/xsetbg

        @echo "*** Creating default $(SYSPATHFILE) since you"
        @echo "*** don't have one. This file is used to set up default places"
        @echo "*** and names to look for images.  You probably want to edit"
        @echo "*** it for your site.  See the xloadimage manual page for"
        @echo "*** details on the contents of this file."
        cp /dev/null $(SYSPATHFILE)
        echo "path=$(INCDIR)/bitmaps $(INCDIR)/images"          >> $(SYSPATHFILE)
        echo "extension=.csun .msun .sun .face .xbm .bm .gif"           >>$(SYSPATHFILE)