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Compiling and Running ViolaWWW

To compile, type 'BUILD' to run the compilation script. If the compilation
process goes well, two executable program binaries will be generated
and they can be found in:

        viola/src/viola/viola           <-- the pure XLib version
        viola/src/vw/vw                 <-- the Motif version

The 'viola' binary (in src/viola/viola) is the XLib-only version of
ViolaWWW. It is provided because not everyone has Motif. Also, this 
binary version is smaller. However, the GUIs on the Motif version of 
viola is still more polished. 'vw' (in src/vw/vw) is the ViolaWWW 
with the Motif shell. 

If you do not have Motif installed on your system, the 'vw' binary
will simply fail to build, but the production of the 'viola' binary 
should not be affected.

This package requires X11R5, and the Motif version of ViolaWWW 
requires a Motif toolkit library. The libwww(2.14) that comes with 
ViolaWWW is modified, so until the changes are integrated into CERN's, 
don't use the libwww that didn't come with viola.

I'd appreciate hearing about compilation success or horror stories 
(and get patches) for platforms other than SunOS and Ultrix.

Installing ViolaWWW

Both binaries can be installed anywhere in your path.

To ensure that the colors come out decent, insert the following 
XWindows Resource into your "~/.Xdefaults" file. 

Viola.x:                550
Viola.y:                10
Viola.width:            620
Viola.height:           700
#ifdef COLOR
Viola*foreground:       black
Viola*background:       grey80
Viola.foreground_doc:   black
Viola.background_doc:   grey90
Viola*foreground:       white
Viola*background:       black
Viola*borderColor:      white

Then do this to update the X resources, to let it take effect:
% xrdb -load ~/.Xresources

Running ViolaWWW

Both ViolaWWW programs can take the start up document URL as an argument, 

% viola [url]
% vw [url]

If you do not supply any argument, the default URL is taken from 
the WWW_HOME environment variable. In liu of WWW_HOME, the fall back
URL is "http://berkeley.ora.com/proj/viola/violaHome.html"


You can send mail to viola@ora.com. Feedbacks, bug reports, patches, 
constructive criticisms, etc, are always welcome. Let me offer my 
sincere apologies, in advance, in case I do not get back to you promptly--
I am the whole viola development team, and I do have other things 
to attend to... but I will try to be prompt.


In particular, many thanks to: Tim Bernners-Lee for inventing the WWW;
Tim and the CERN crew for the libwww; All the contributors on www-talk etc;
Jon Blow (ORA) for the lexical analyzer used in viola; Scott Silvey (ORA)
for creating the Motif front-end; Terry Allen (ORA) for lots of testings 
and help with SGML; Dale Dougherty and Tim O'Reilly for supporting the 
work on viola at ORA. 

Also, grateful thanks are extended to the brave beta testers, listed in

                                Pei Y. Wei (wei@ora.com)
                                O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.