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                                                            Obtaining Midas WWW
                              OBTAINING MIDAS WWW
   There are two ways to go about obtaining Midas WWW: 
      Fetch one of the pre-compiled binaries 
      Build it yourself from the source code 
   We recommend you initially try the pre-compiled binaries, and only resort 
   to building your own version if: 
      The pre-compiled binary does not exist for your machine, or will not run 
      You are curious to see how it works 
      You want to change something 
   If you have already obtained Midas WWW but are having problems,  try the
   troubleshooting guide. 
                                                  Midas WWW pre-compiled Images
                         MIDAS WWW PRE-COMPILED IMAGES
   A number of precompiled images are available for popular  machines. These
   are available from freehep.scri.fsu.eduin directory 
   The following files are available: 
  midaswww-sgi.exe.Z     Compiled under SGI IRIX 4.0.1 
  midaswww-ibm.exe.Z     Compiled under IBM AIX 3.2 
  midaswww-hpux.exe.Z    Compiled under HP-UX 9.01 
  midaswww-sun4.exe.Z    Compiled under SunOS 4.1.2, also runs under Solaris
                         Compiled under OSF V1.3 
                         Compiled under VMS 5.5 and OPEN-VMS 1.5 
   Note: Most of these binaries are linked against shareable versions of the
   Motif and X libraries. This keeps the images small and ensures that they 
   run efficiently, however it also means that you must have the appropriate
   Motif and X libraries already installed on your machine. If you cannot get
   these pre-compiled binaries to work, but you do have Motif and X libraries
   available, then you should be able to build your own executable from the 
   source code.  
Obtaining and running pre-compiled binaries

   These instructions are for unix, see the VMS instructions  for details on
   installing VMS binaries. To obtain and run a pre-compiled binary follow
   these instructions  (substituting the appropriate machine type for XXX): 

   ftp freehep.scri.fsu.edu
      login as user anonymous
   cd freehep/networking_email_news/midaswww/binaries
   get midaswww-XXX.exe.Z        <---- replace XXX with apppropriate machine

   uncompress midaswww-XXX.exe.Z <---- replace XXX with apppropriate machine
   mv midaswww-XXX.exe midaswww  <---- replace XXX with apppropriate machine
   chmod +x midaswww

   The MidasWWW window should now appear.  If it doesn't then see
   thetroubleshooting guide. 
Installing pre-compiled binaries

   To install the MidasWWW executable, just move the midaswww file to an
   appropriate system directory, such as /usr/local/bin/midaswww. 
                                            Building Midas WWW from Source Code
   These instructions are for UNIX. See the README_VMS file for VMS
   installation instructions. 

   To build this version of MidasWWW from source you will need a Unix system
   with X windows (X11R4 or X11R5) and Motif (version 1.1.0 or greater). You
   must have all of the following libraries available on your system. 
Xm                      The Motif Widget set library 
Mrm                     The Motif resouce manager library 
Xt                      The X-toolkit library 
X                       The X library 
Xmu                     X miscellaneous utility library. 
   The current version of MidasWWW has been tested on the following systems: 
      SGI - Indigo (4.0.5) 
      RS6000 (AIX 3.2.2) 
      HP-UX (9.0.1) 
      SunOS (4.1.2) (with Motif libraries built from source).  
   MidasWWW should be portable to other unix systems. Please let  us know if
   you port it to other systems,  and tell us about any changes you had to
Obtaining MidasWWW

   You can obtain MidasWWW as a compressed TAR file via  anonymous FTP from 
   freehep.scri.fsu.edu, in directory  /freehep/networking_email_news/midaswww.
   The most recent tar file is midaswww-2.1.tar.Z. 
   After obtaining the TAR file, uncompress it and detar it using the commands:

   uncompress midaswww-2.1.tar.Z
   tar -xvf midaswww-2.1.tar
   cd midaswww-2.1

Building MidasWWW

   There are two ways to go about creating a Makefile for MidasWWW 
      Use one of the standard makefiles supplied with the MidasWWW
Makefile.hp             Makefile for HP-UX 
Makefile.aix32          Makefile for IBM AIX-3.2 
Makefile.sgi            Makefile for SGI 
      Use the standard X-windows utility xmkmf to generate a Makefile.   
   The xmkmf facility is in principle better since it is supposed to take into
   account  any machine dependencies,  and to correctly link against the
   correct libraries on your machine.  However we have found that xmkmf is
   often not configured correctly for building Motif  programs, so in practice
   we recommend using the supplied Makefile if one is available for your
   machine, otherwise try xmkmf, but you will quite possibly have to tweek the
   resulting Makefile to successfully build Midas WWW. 
   To build MidasWWW use the following command (where MMMM  is the makefile you
   chose from the list above: 

   make -f MMMM

   Build MidasWWW as follows: 



   To try out MidasWWW first make sure your DISPLAY envirnonment variable is
   set up correctly.  Then issue the command: 


   The MidasWWW window should now appear.  If it doesn't then see
   thetroubleshooting guide. 

   To install the MidasWWW executable, just move the midaswww file to an
   appropriate system directory, such as /usr/local/bin/midaswww.