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/*                      HyperText Object                        HText.h
**                      ================
**      This is the C intreface to the Objective-C HyperText class.

#ifndef HTEXT_H
#define HTEXT_H
#include "HTAnchor.h"
#include "HTStyle.h"

#define HTMainText                      HTMaText
#define HTMainAnchor                    HtMaAnch
#define HText_new                       HTHTNew
#define HText_free                      HTHTFree
#define HText_beginAppend               HTHTBeAp
#define HText_endAppend                 HTHTEnAp
#define HText_setStyle                  HTHTSeSt
#define HText_appendCharacter           HTHTApCh
#define HText_appendText                HTHTApTe
#define HText_appendParagraph           HTHTApPa
#define HText_beginAnchor               HTHTBeAn
#define HText_endAnchor                 HTHTEnAn
#define HText_dump                      HTHTDump
#define HText_nodeAnchor                HTHTNoAn
#define HText_select                    HTHTSele
#define HText_selectAnchor              HTHTSeAn
#define HText_applyStyle                HTHTApSt
#define HText_updateStyle               HTHTUpSt
#define HText_selectionStyle            HTHTStyl
#define HText_replaceSel                HTHTRepl
#define HText_applyToSimilar            HTHTApTo
#define HText_selectUnstyled            HTHTSeUn
#define HText_unlinkSelection           HTHTUnSe
#define HText_linkSelTo                 HTHTLiSe
#define HText_referenceSelected         HTHTRefS

#ifndef THINK_C
typedef struct _HText HText;
class CHyperText;               /* Part of the Mac browser */
typedef CHyperText HText

extern HText * HTMainText;              /* Pointer to current main text */
extern HTParentAnchor * HTMainAnchor;   /* Pointer to current text's anchor */

/*                      Creation and deletion
**      Create hypertext object                                 HText_new

 extern HText * HText_new PARAMS((HTParentAnchor * anchor));

/*      Free hypertext object                                   HText_free

extern void     HText_free PARAMS((HText * me));

/*                      Object Building methods
**                      -----------------------
**      These are used by a parser to build the text in an object
**      HText_beginAppend must be called, then any combination of other
**      append calls, then HText_endAppend. This allows optimised
**      handling using buffers and caches which are flushed at the end.

extern void HText_beginAppend PARAMS((HText * text));

extern void HText_endAppend PARAMS((HText * text));

/*      Set the style for future text

extern void HText_setStyle PARAMS((HText * text, HTStyle * style));

/*      Add one character

extern void HText_appendCharacter PARAMS((HText * text, char ch));

/*      Add a zero-terminated string

extern void HText_appendText PARAMS((HText * text, CONST char * str));

/*      New Paragraph

extern void HText_appendParagraph PARAMS((HText * text));

/*      Start/end sensitive text
** The anchor object is created and passed to HText_beginAnchor.
** The senstive text is added to the text object, and then HText_endAnchor
** is called. Anchors may not be nested.

extern void HText_beginAnchor PARAMS((HText * text, HTChildAnchor * anc));
extern void HText_endAnchor PARAMS((HText * text));

/*      Dump diagnostics to stderr

extern void HText_dump PARAMS((HText * me));   

/*      Return the anchor associated with this node

extern HTParentAnchor * HText_nodeAnchor PARAMS((HText * me));

/*              Browsing functions
**              ------------------

/*      Bring to front and highlight it

extern BOOL HText_select PARAMS((HText * text));
extern BOOL HText_selectAnchor PARAMS((HText * text, HTChildAnchor* anchor));

/*              Editing functions
**              -----------------
**      These are called from the application. There are many more functions
**      not included here from the orginal text object. These functions
**      NEED NOT BE IMPLEMENTED in a browser which cannot edit.

/*      Style handling:

/*      Apply this style to the selection

extern void HText_applyStyle PARAMS((HText * me, HTStyle *style));

/*      Update all text with changed style.

extern void HText_updateStyle PARAMS((HText * me, HTStyle *style));

/*      Return style of  selection

extern HTStyle * HText_selectionStyle PARAMS((
        HText * me,
        HTStyleSheet* sheet));

/*      Paste in styled text

extern void HText_replaceSel PARAMS((HText * me,
        CONST char *aString,
        HTStyle* aStyle));

/*      Apply this style to the selection and all similarly formatted text
**      (style recovery only)

extern void HTextApplyToSimilar PARAMS((HText * me, HTStyle *style));
/*      Select the first unstyled run.
**      (style recovery only)

extern void HTextSelectUnstyled PARAMS((HText * me, HTStyleSheet *sheet));

/*      Anchor handling:

extern void             HText_unlinkSelection PARAMS((HText * me));
extern HTAnchor *       HText_referenceSelected PARAMS((HText * me));
extern HTAnchor *       HText_linkSelTo PARAMS((HText * me, HTAnchor* anchor));

#endif /* HTEXT_H */