earlybrowserreborn - Rev 1

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/*              Case-independent string comparison              HTString.h
**              and allocations with copies

#ifndef HTSTRING_H
#define HTSTRING_H

#include "HTUtils.h"

extern int strcasecomp  PARAMS((CONST char *a, CONST char *b));
extern int strncasecomp PARAMS((CONST char *a, CONST char *b, int n));

extern char * HTSACopy PARAMS ((char **dest, CONST char *src));
extern char * HTSACat  PARAMS ((char **dest, CONST char *src));

/* Enable the old macro-like calling methods */
#define StrAllocCopy(dest, src) HTSACopy (&(dest), src)
#define StrAllocCat(dest, src)  HTSACat  (&(dest), src)